Accountability Lab ( produced a Toolkit for Investigative Journalism, Using Right to Information Act in Nepal. This Toolkit provides step by step instructions to submit requests for information under the RTI law, using Nepal as an example. Additionally, it identifies potential problem areas applicants may encounter while seeking information and provides tips to tackle these problems. Using international examples, it illustrates how the Right to Information, along with strong investigative journalism, has helped expose hidden details regarding corruption and the abuse of power by government officials around the world, and catalyzed government action in response. The toolkit is now being translated and condensed into more user-friendly forms. It is the result of a series of in-depth discussions over the course of a year in Nepal and elsewhere—with civil society activists, journalists, academics and citizens—about the need for a document that clearly indicates how RTI or FoI Acts can be used most effectively. It is uploaded for your use here.  ...

What You Say

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    Do you feel stringent laws to prevent corruption and rights (such as access to information) given to common people can lead towards policy paralyses?

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    Do you feel most of the people in India have no taste of good governance and hence it remains a marginal issue for elections in India?

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    Governments in South Asian countries are gradually becoming more afraid of the activities of Civil Society Organizations and thus taking steps to restrain CSOs. Do you feel there would be serious impact on the role played by CSOs in the overall governance and development?

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    Companies in India are evidently absent from a four-year-old United Nations-led global initiative against corruption. Do you agree that private companies are in tune with corruption?

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    In the current scenario, where information is attached with lot of strings, do you feel dissemination of information is crucial for enhancing accountability ?

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    Social networking sites are effective tool for lobbying and bringing pro-poor changes ?

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    Do you feel social accountability tools are cost effective way of enhancing effectivness of development efforts ?

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    Even though the common man suffers corruption at the very low levels of bureaucracy, it is the big players who indulge in high level corruption ?